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The Work and Finances Tarot Report gives you a multi-faceted and in-depth look at your financial situation and prospects. This reading takes a look at your money and business affairs. Five card positions are being used to deliver a detailed look at the way you approach certain situations and you can improve upon that.

This reading highlights the way you invest yourself in business and takes a look at your higher self and internal obstacles. The meaning of the cards are interpreted in such a way they will help you to evaluate your long-term investment of energy and time of your contribution to the world and your desire to succeed.

A choice or decision in your personal investment of energy and/or money may be asking for your attention. And, if this is the case, probably some changes are needed in order to be helped along. This spread is designed to help you evaluate your current situation and view possible developments and outcomes that may result from the new choices you will be making.
- Marjolijn
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- Colin
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- Isabel
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- Sascha
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- Joan
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- Tara
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