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The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading is one of the most popular tarot readings. Each card in this 10-card spread offers answers and advice even in the most complex situations.

This reading is built up out of two shapes: 6 cards form the cross-shape and another 4 cards make the staff-shape. The cards in the cross provide you with insights about the present and the events that brought you here, your challenges and the direction you're headed. The staff gives you insight about the people and advice that will help you overcome your current dilemmas.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading can be used any type of question. Ask your most pressing questions and get the guidance you need today.
- Deisi
"Yes, I already know about it, but you told me my truly feelings, thanks "
- William
"Clarity - realising that if you change the way you look at things the things you look at change ... "
- Leo
"Yes. It pretty much pictured what I’m going through these past few days. Thank you :)"
- Viooetta3
"It sounds optimistic, I love it ?"
- Anne
"An make changes Looking within myself at were I can make changes "
- Bonnie
"How to deal with my personal issues and what the consequences could be if I dont change them."
- Lynette
"Yes it hit on various states that l have been going through"
- Florence
"yes thank you. It really was great"
- Vivien
"Really impressive it make all seens I like it a lot let's see what happen now "
- Yvonne
"I learned that I need to listen to myself and my wants and needs."

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