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The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading is one of the most popular tarot readings. Each card in this 10-card spread offers answers and advice even in the most complex situations.

This reading is built up out of two shapes: 6 cards form the cross-shape and another 4 cards make the staff-shape. The cards in the cross provide you with insights about the present and the events that brought you here, your challenges and the direction you're headed. The staff gives you insight about the people and advice that will help you overcome your current dilemmas.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading can be used for any type of question. Ask your most pressing questions and get the guidance you need today.
"It was very insightful thank you so much."
- Jane
"Feeling bit more positive "
- Saskia
"Right now I am writing my book . And this reading really resonated . And the warnings are very helpful . Because this is what my gut feelings were already telling me . I am a 63 year old Scorpio woman . So I should trust my inner voice more . And yes I am about to achieve the goals I had in mind when I was a kid .. Never too late to achieve goals .. Thank you for this amazing reading . "
- Carla
"Great! A very insightful report and reading. I think it is accurate. "
- Ruth
"It gave me much clarity and helped me to trust myself more."
- Dang
"It relieved me & it helped me to be positive"
- Stefanie
"it was spot on with the feelings and self sabotage i've been facing of late and just reiterated that i need to let go of things"
- Jill
"Very much with a decision I am making a out changing jobs and moving forward with my life. Thank you !!"
- Viooetta3
"It sounds optimistic, I love it ?"
- Heather
"It was spot on with the situation I’m in and gave me a lot to think about."

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