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I did not receive my reading / an email

Have you had a prediction made and are you waiting for an email? This is what you can do:
  • You will only receive an email if you have left behind an email address during the filling out of the questionnaire. If you have not done this, you will immediately be directed to your prediction after the payment screen.

  • Check your spam or unwanted email folder. It is possible that your email has landed there.

  • Search in your email program for 'MyTarotLife' and see if the email pops up. It is possible that the email has landed in a different folder (such as the Gmail promotion folder).

  • Wait an hour. If it is busy on the mail server, then it can take a while before the email comes in.

If nothing happens and you suspect that you have made a typing error when reporting your email address? Contact us, then we can solve the problem for you.

Usually everything works out with a little patience, and we can definitely help you further if still nothing happens.

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