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For the Year Tarot Report, the cards of the Major Arcana are used. These outline a clear picture of the major themes and important trends so that we can then take a closer look at them one by one.

The cards show how you experience your relationship with yourself. This year is going to be a year for self-reflection. Discover what your own norms and values are and how you want to stand in life as a person. The cards will help you with each of the most important themes: 1. Major trends, 2. Home and family, 3. Work and finances, 4. Love and social life, 5. Self-development. Use the insights the Tarot gives you to bring yourself closer to your own truths and to prepare yourself to bring out the best version of yourself this year.
- Thea
"I love this and find it very interesting!"
- Pei Ming
"great reading!! "
- Rosemary
"Clarity "
- Ana
"To confirm certain thoughts/ideas."
- Ana
"Me encantan las distintas lecturas que puede hacer."
- Alvaro
"¬°Esperemos que suceda!"
- Kevin
"Feeling like the choices I am now making will lead to better things and my instincts/intuition are spot on. Even with, or especially with, recognizing my own flaws."
- Kelebogile
"Big picture for 2021 !!"
- Lisa
"Let's hope it is gonna happen!"
- Julia
"Love the different reading you can do."

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