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An extensive reading that tells you which opportunities and challenges you can expect in the next 7 days. Read more

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The Weekly Tarot report is a unique and powerful way to get ready for the coming week. This Tarot reading is designed to answer your questions and predict the general energies that will enter your life in the coming 7 days. Choose 7 cards, one for each day. Focus on the following 7 days and get ready for what will unfold. If you have a specific question or are worrying about something, think about this while picking your cards. Otherwise, focus your energy and thoughts on 'the future'.

This reading and its positions are designed to take you through the challenges and opportunities that will unfold over de next 7 day period. It will give you the advice and guidance on how to manage, transcend and thrive the coming week.

We advise you to try the Weekly Tarot Report for a few weeks straight to experience how you will become more confident in life.
- C
- Linda
"Realize that I need to let go of some of my insecurities and allow myself to enjoy life and not question everything and doubt everything. "
- Kari
"I found this great"
- Lucia
"Es genial y me ha ayudado mucho en mi vida personal y profesional."
- Sharon
"It has helped with everything. Thankyou Sharon 5 Stars."
- Maggie
- Linda
"great site to get an online tarot reading!"
- Bonnie
"Reassuring me that the situations that no longer benefit me should go and what I want is available if I change my thinking "
- Mary
"i think your readings were great!"
- Elspeth
"Giving good advice"

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